APG Notebooks 2018

Printable Promo Items

It’s no news that Promotional Items work. Studies have shown for years that people enjoy getting them, and will keep them for years if they are useful or appealing. They also have the highest rate of brand recall of any advertising method out there. Printable promo items offer many unique benefits, even over other promo items like mugs or apparel.

When you’re crunched for time, want your swag to be eco-friendly and recyclable, or want affordable, full-color printing options, paper-based printable promo items are a fantastic solution.



The biggest “pro” is their faster-than-usual production times. Unlike items that need to be ordered blank and imprinted on with specialty equipment, printable promo items often start as sheets of paper that are quick to print in full digital color.

They are then converted into their final format, making most printable promo items a quick and versatile option. Create custom branded notebooks or notepads, bookmarks, stickers, calendars, and planners – just to name a few!


In addition to being faster to produce, printable promo items can be produced in exact quantities. Unlike most promotional products that are ordered by set quantity brackets, printable promo items can be produced in any quantity without altering how cost-effective they are. Whether you need 50, 500, or 1,563 – you can order exactly what you need, no more, no less.



Many printable promo items are paper-based. This makes them a great option for organizations who are concerned about handing out items that people may end up tossing out. This is especially true for events held at outdoor/natural setting venues. Create an awesome recyclable giveaway to reduce waste, and promote your business’ eco-friendly mentality!


Since many printable promo items start as sheets of paper, full color digital printing is an affordable option. Many other promo items are restricted to 1 or 2 color imprints due to the production method.

For paper promo products, there are no color limitations to creating visually striking, custom on-brand artwork for your giveaways. Branded stickers, small-sized magnets, coasters, and even posters of artwork can be printed with full color for an eye-pleasing gift people will love.