Who We Are

AnchorPointe Graphics is a locally owned print and marketing company committed to providing our customers with the best possible product and understanding that “getting it right” wins customers for life.

We have operated in Oregon’s Silicon Forest for the past 17 years. We started out as a franchisee of a national print corporation, operating in 1800 square feet in a strip mall. We have grown our staff, our facility and our equipment to serve our customers changing needs.

In 2017, AnchorPointe Graphics became an independent company in order to better focus on the mission of our business while bringing more value to our customers. Owner Janey Greenlees feels that focusing our community and our craft while being passionate about details will allow AnchorPointe to continue to stand out among our competition.

Let us show you our commitment to quality and exceptional service.
Custom graphics design, marketing and print solutions

On Pointe

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