Mailing projects shouldn’t feel like you’re doing taxes…

You know that mailing is an effective way to get things into people’s hands. Whether sending sales offers or donation appeals – the tangible aspect of print makes mailing an important tool for communication & marketing.

But the process of creating & sending a mail piece to a large number of people can be time consuming, complicated, & often frustrating if you don’t know which steps to take to get the best results.

Learn what’s needed without ever having to visit the Post Office, with a partner who can guide you through the mailing process smoothly & successfully.

Need to know the most cost-effective options to print & mail?

Want to send a mailer, but don’t have your own mailing permit?

Wish someone would walk you through planning your first campaign from start to finish?

Schedule time to talk with a Project Manager today.

Print and mail in bulk

From planning to post office…

No matter what your level of experience with mailing is, our team can make it easier for you.

Get support around understanding USPS regulations – everything from engineering your mail pieces, to knowing how to get the best postage rates. By working directly with one team to print & mail, you’ll have less hassle, faster turnaround times, & greater peace of mind.

We can help you purchase mailing lists that target your ideal audiences. Finding new customers is easier than you might think – with the ability to pinpoint demographics & other criteria like household income, age range, interests, location & more.

Some things we can help with…

  • Purchasing mailing lists – by area or demographics
  • Personalization / In-line variable printing
  • Mail piece design & assessment for USPS regulations
  • Mail piece assembly
  • Direct / pre-sorted / bulk mailings
  • Carrier route mailings
  • Postage rate assessment – find the best rates for each project
  • Use our mailing permit in lieu of having your own
  • Use your non profit authorization in conjunction with our mailing permit for non profit rates (ghost permit)
  • NCOA services – mail list cleaning
  • Delivery of final mail pieces to USPS for distribution
Custom branded mailers

We’ll help you figure out the details.

Mailing projects have a lot of details to coordinate. Working with AnchorPointe, you’ll have someone to help.

We work with you to create (& keep) project timelines, ensuring deadlines are met & your mail pieces reach mailboxes when you want them to.

From simple to the most complex pieces, you’ll know all the right steps to take for the best results on your mailing projects.

Common types of mail pieces we help with:

  • Postcards
  • Flats
  • Catalogs
  • Self-mailers
  • Appeals
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Business correspondence
  • Invitations
  • Event materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Impact / annual reports
  • Response devices
  • White papers

Download our Spec Sheet here for the technical details about all our capabilities.

Ready to make mailing easier?