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Uwajimaya promo bag

I was fixated on the bag she was carrying. It was a good shape and size for a shopping bag, white with colorful small shapes on it… and it made me want a closer look.

On Pointe | Uwajimaya

Hello! My name is Kathy. I’m one of the Project Managers here at AnchorPointe. I am also a Graphic Designer, and assist with design and marketing projects.

Since beginning work in the Design and Marketing industries about six years ago, I always have half an eye on the designs, marketing materials, advertisements, promotions, and general visual communications going on around me in everyday life.

Of course, like most professionals, seeing other professionals’ handy work in action puts my mind in an “evaluation mode,” to look at what works, what doesn’t, and figure out why.

  • What caught my eye about this?
  • Was it for a good reason, or a bad one?
  • What message is it trying to send?
  • Is it trying to evoke an emotion?
  • Did it work?  

Here in this blog, I’m going to highlight instances where marketing touched my life, and made me take action as a consumer/individual/woman living in Portland, Oregon.

Through these short stories, I hope to highlight the best (and sometimes worst…) ways to capture the attention of your audience, win their hearts, and get your message across.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Highlight: Promotional Product in Action

Earlier this week on my way into work, I was sipping my coffee while stopped at a red light. Half-asleep, I had what my mother calls “the morning stares,” and I couldn’t help but fixate on the young woman walking through the intersection in front of my car.

More precisely, I was fixated on the bag she was carrying. It was a good shape and size for a shopping bag, white with colorful small shapes on it…and it made me want a closer look. As she walked closer, I could see that the shapes were actually very cute, illustrated animal faces, and I noticed the “Uwajimaya” logo near the top of the bag. Promo item sighted!

The bag that captured my pre-caffeinated attention…

After she finished crossing and the light turned green, I continued about my day…now noticeably interrupted with thoughts of the Asian Grocery Store running through my mind. And that bag…! Two days later, I insisted on stopping in at Uwajimaya on the way home, to stock up on some Asian food staples…and possibly a cute new shopping bag.

This is a perfect first-hand example of a promotional item in action – I saw the bag, I recognized the logo, and I just so happened to have shopped there previously, which led to a repeat purchase.

There are many different ways Promo items can help enhance your brand’s image. Whether you’re sponsoring a non–profit event and want the community to see your support (good PR is priceless), or you’re looking to develop some customer recognition and pride, putting your name on a quality or fun product is a sure way to get your audience’s attention.

Promo water bottles

One look at this table and you know who sponsored this fundraising event