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On Pointe | Mud Bay

Mud Bay - A sweet, simple way to say “thanks for the support!”

A sweet, simple way to say “thanks for the support!”

On Pointe | Mud Bay

One bright, gray afternoon in Beaverton (if you’re in the Northwest, you’ll know what that looks like…) I found myself in need of a very specific product called Wondercide. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s the absolute best natural product for controlling pests like fleas, and only a few local places stock it on their shelves.)

As luck would have it, one of these stores was close by in the Tanasbourne area; Mud Bay. I had never been to the small, local pet store before, but eagerly set out to get my hands on the spray bottle of relief for my pets. When I entered the double doors, I was immediately greeted with a friendly, energetic “hello!”

The store itself was clean, organized, and stocked with a wide selection of local and natural pet products, food, supplements, chews, toys, beds, accessories, and pretty much anything else your pampered pet could ever desire. The associates were helpful, the environment was great, and I got what I needed.

But that’s not what makes this place so memorable, or why I have been back twice since my first visit

At the counter, the associate asked me about my pets; two cats, and an adamantly retired Greyhound. When she finished ringing up my purchase, she set a sealed envelope with a handwritten “Thank You” on it, along with two little sample bags of dog and cat treats for me to take home.

I was surprised – I don’t know about you, but I don’t receive thank you cards from places I shop very often! I left with a feeling of appreciation and importance, like somehow, shopping at Mud Bay had suddenly made me a more prominent pet owner.

I opened the card as soon as I got in the car, and read a sweetly handwritten note of thanks (on a logo-printed, cream colored, laid textured paper… nice), as well as a well-designed informational brochure about the Mud Bay stores, and a $5 off coupon for my next visit.

I’m going to breakdown what I think is awesome about this gesture:

  • I felt appreciated & valued
  • I was informed about their brand history, making me feel connected to their story
  • I was given incentive to come back (and happily did so!)

People work hard for their money, and they have a choice of where to spend that money. If they choose to use it with your business, or donate to your organization, it will speak volumes to them to know they are valued, and you are grateful for their support.

Making this important emotional connection could just be what turns them into a customer, or donor, for life.

Mud Bay - The whole package (samples, custom card, envelope, brochure, coupons)

The whole package (custom card, envelope, brochure, coupons)