window graphic images of smoothies and fruit on a jamba juice storefront

Corporate Client, Local Partnership


It all started with window graphics…

window graphic images of smoothies and fruit on a jamba juice storefront

Kasey is the Marketing Manager for the Oregon and SW Washington Jamba franchise. With multiple locations, she frequently needs new window graphics, signage and displays printed.

Each store is unique – mall locations and street-side – with different layouts, window sizes and shapes, menu panels and wall areas for signage, decals, and other branded materials. Additionally, they use outdoor signage to create awareness and direct customers inside.

Jamba corporate has their own design department to produce marketing assets for stores to use, which creates consistency for their brand overall. Franchisees have the option to use a corporate partner or print locally.

Using the corporate partner involves taking measurements herself and requesting each size of print needed. Then comes waiting for layouts to be created, approved, produced, and shipped from out of state, then arranging for installation on-site, if needed – like Window Graphics.

Kasey decided to uncomplicated things by going to a more direct source for what she needs – AnchorPointe Graphics.

Working with APG, she communicates her needs directly to her Project Manager with greater understanding at the start of each project. This means Kasey spends less time explaining what she needs and more time running her business.

Our production team visits each store and takes accurate measurements, mapping out where signage or window graphics need to be installed.

Our design team is practiced designing in the “Jamba” style, with an arsenal of on-brand fonts, photos, logos, and graphics. With these assets, we recreate Jamba’s designs in the right dimensions for each space.

We’ve also made specialty custom materials, like life-size cut-outs and window graphics, to promote local partnerships with former Portland Trailblazers player CJ McCollum, and current Oregon State football player Jaydon Grant.

Kasey receives digital proofs and mockups to approve before production, ensuring each piece looks correct and will fit the space it’s intended for. For her, partnering with APG means simple ordering, clear communication, accommodating turnaround times, and knowledgable hands-on assistance.

Partnering with APG helps Kasey get exactly what she needs for each local storefront right when she needs it.

Window graphics of fruit and smoothies on the side of a Jamba Juice storefront