Variable City Name on Postcard

The Deal with Variable Data Printing

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing customizes print materials with personal information, while still working with larger production quantities. With Variable Data software, print becomes personal, and can be tailored to get better response rates from your recipients. With VDP, companies can personalize a letter or mailer with your name, buying habits, and even charitable giving, for example.

Variable City Name on PostcardLet’s say that a company who services the entire state of Oregon wants to send out a Direct Mail piece. Wanting to appeal to people with a “hometown” feel, they use Variable Data to specify each city in their message. People in Bend will see “Bend,” people in Coos Bay will see “Coos Bay,” and so on.

Marketers and Developers use this kind of variable information to create multiple versions of content directed at groups of people who are animal lovers, avid bike riders, outdoor enthusiasts, movie goers, foodies…any group you want to target!

Targeting smaller groups with pinpointed interests rather than larger audiences with broader interests, you become more relevant to the reader, increasing their connection to your brand, and your return rates.

Variable Data Printing allows for content to be tailored, without losing the cost effectiveness of bulk printing and mailingThis makes it a valuable marketing tool for both business and non-profit organizations.

Increase Your Open Rates

The average open rate of a Direct Mail campaign goes up by 300% when pieces are personalized, according to the 2016 edition of the DMA’s Response Rate Report. That’s a huge impact! Non-personalized pieces average a 2% open rate, and personalizing them with Variable Data Printing averages a 6% open rate.

Below are a few projects produced at AnchorPointe recently that all used Variable Data Printing in different ways. Read on, and get inspired with your own ideas to use VDP!

Bidder Numbers –

Oregon Energy Fund

Oregon Energy Fund’s recent Power Gala Program booklets did double duty for them. Using Variable Data Printing, each attendee’s Bidder Number was printed on the back cover. A creative, cost saving idea!




Girl Scout Appeal Letters

Donation Appeal Letters –

Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington

Several times a year, Girl Scouts sends Appeal Letters to their donors. Using Variable Data Printing, they customize their ask amounts based on what each recipient donated previously. Using information they receive from their contacts, such as if they are a former Girl Scout, they target their most likely givers.



Event Name Tags

Event Name Tags

For Events, use Variable Data to print your attendee’s materials with their name, their company’s name, and even their photo. Personalizing printed materials, such as name tags, table place cards, agenda notebooks, and thank you cards, is a great way to build brand identity and your professional reputation.



Other savvy uses for Variable Data Printing include Holiday and End of Year Cards, Appointment/Follow-up Cards, Invitations and Save the Dates, Labels and Gift Tags, Personalized Stickers or Decals, ID Badges, Membership Cards, Customized Coupon Codes, and Business Cards.

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