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Business Signage

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If your business has a physical presence, whether storefront or traveling booth, chances are you need business signage.

Studies show that people respond to signs and displays. In one study, over half of customers of start-up businesses said they learned about it from on-site signage. Signs attract attention, and stores can increase their sales revenue by an average of 7% by adding or changing signage!

Signs can be one of the most cost effective tools for your business, and offer powerfully influential marketing on-site. According to an international study of 1,000 American consumers, 67% of the consumers surveyed said they had purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye*.

But how do you create cost effective signage that will give the right impression for your business? After all, about 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services*.

Here are a few tips that savvy business owners and developers can use to keep their business signage costs down, while keeping quality and good impressions up:


Think of business signage like a pair of shoes. You can spend less, and replace them more often as they wear out. Or you can spend a bit more to get durable, wear- resistant materials that will last years longer.

How do you know what cost/material balance is right for you? First, determine what needs and purposes the sign will fulfill, and for how long/often you will use it.

Are you creating store-front business signage, or a seasonal or promotional sign? Does your menu change frequently, or does it stay consistent? Does your signage need to travel? Different signs call for different levels of durability and longevity.

For the most options and best final products, consult a professional sign printer.


The content, and how you place it, on your business signage is important. You want people seeing your sign to be able to quickly and accurately understand what you are trying to convey. Consistently, legibility was chosen by both consumers and businesses as the most important characteristic of signs*.

Avoid putting too much information on business signage that will be viewed from more than a 5’ distance. Generally, the further away a sign will be seen, the less, and larger, the information should be on it. Use high contrasting colors and backgrounds to increase visibility.

A professional design adds value to your business signage. Having an experienced designer layout your content ensures your sign is eye catching, on-brand, and legible at viewing distance.


There are many options for producing business signage. From big sign company franchises, to cheap online vendors, and, of course, independently owned local printing shops. They all have a place, but make sure you’re working with the right type for your business’ needs.

There is a big difference between producing a standard “FOR SALE” banner, and a printed wood or glass panel that will hang in your lobby for years to come. For the latter, you will most likely want more hands-on control, reliable communication, and the promise of high quality.

Most storefront sign printing locations will have knowledgeable staff on hand to explain the basics of substrates and production methods. Many operations also offer in-house Graphic Design services, at varying levels of creative ability.

Great ones will have Project Managers who learn your business signage needs, and present estimates with the best options within your budget.


For businesses who will have ongoing signage needs, forming a relationship with a local sign printer is the best option. This allows owners and developers to maintain consistent quality, color reproduction, and have better hands-on control. Not to mention, better customer service and reliability!